“Cuba’s regime is brutal,” Donald Trump closes Obama’s opening


The president of the USA. Conditions renegotiation of “better agreement” if there is democratic progress on the island

"Cuba's regime is brutal," Donald Trump closes Obama's opening

Donald Trump, during the act in Miami (Lynne Sladky / AP)

As expected, Donald Trump’s policy on Cuba will put an end to the unlocking of relations that his predecessor in office, Barack Obama, pushed. He had advanced this Friday and Trump himself has ratified it in a speech in Miami, the capital of Cuban exiles in the United States. And, therefore, favorable territory to re-close relations with the Castro regime.

Trump was clear in speaking of “cancellation” of the Obama policy on the island and made any negotiation of “a better agreement” to the process of democratic openness that Cuba lives. “When Cubans take concrete steps, we will be ready, prepared and able to return to the table to negotiate that agreement, which will be much better,” he said. And he insisted: “We challenge Cuba to come to the table with a new agreement that is in the best interest of both its people and ours.”

Cuba's regime is brutal Donald Trump closes Obama's opening

Trump signs the end of the policy of opening relations with Cuba, which prompted his predecessor Barack Obama (Mandel Ngan / AFP)

“Soon will be achieved a free Cuba,” proclaimed the Republican president, who has called the regime of Raul Castro “brutal.” The US president has been accompanied by Vice President Mike Pence, several cabinet members, Florida Gov. Rick Scott, congressmen of Cuban origin like Marco Rubio, Mario Diaz Balart and Carlos Curbelo and representatives of Cuban dissidents, Trump mentioned the Dissidents Jose Daniel Ferrer and Berta Soler, who were not allowed to travel to Miami, but “are here with us.”

The choice of advertisement, therefore, has not been random, but has had a high symbolic content. The event took place at Manuel Artime Theater in Little Havana, named after one of the brigadists of the failed invasion of Bahia Cochinos (Cuba) in 1961.

The main changes are a ban on US companies. To do business with Cuban companies owned or controlled by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba and restrictions on travel by US citizens to the island.

Dese Washington, White House sources have confirmed that the change of policy towards Cuba also includes its support for the trade and financial embargo on the island and, therefore, the frontal opposition to international requests for Congress to lift it.

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