The new power of Eren and the end of Season 2 of Attack on Titan


Attack on titan and emotional moments was what gave the end of season 2 of Attack on Titan.
The new power of Eren and the end of Season 2 of Attack on Titan

“What fast comes, fast is gone” so is the saying, but in the case of Shingeki no Kyojin what takes years to get even faster is going. Attack on Titan’s second season episode 12 was issued today, marking the end of this and the beginning of a new waiting period.

The episode was full of emotional moments and was marked by the awakening of a new power of Eren.

The episode began with the appearance of the titan that ended the life of Eren’s mother, unleashing the wrath of the protagonist but who can not do much since it is tied hands. On the other hand, Mikasa is wounded by his against the titans.

When the titan is about to catch them they are protected by Hannes who begins to fight to protect them but without much effectiveness. Mikasa releases Eren from the bonds and he tries to become a titan but he does not succeed.

Despite all the wounds he did in his arm Eren fails to transform into despair, it is at this moment when the titan manages to catch Hannes and kills him before his eyes. Questioning their abilities Eren begins to cry giving way to the most emotional moment of the episode and at the same time one of the best of this second season.
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All are surrounded by titans and it seems that defeat is inevitable. Mikasa to see Eren saying that he could not change anything with his power reminds him how he helped her and thanks him for teaching him to live.

Everything indicates that Mikasa will give a kiss to Eren, in the green field full of flowers and surrounded by titans (that thing more romantic), but as Eren does not seem to understand many things of life he stands leaving Mikasa sitting alone .
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As the titan who killed his mother stretches out his arm to grab them, Eren throws a punch at him. It is here that while the majority thought that finally Eren would be transformed to distribute pain, but instead something does “short circuit” in the near titans who begin to tear the titan that finished with the mother of Eren.

It presents the opportunity to escape and while everyone tries to escape the place the armored titan seeks to return to catch Eren. When he sees this he shouts at them not to come near or he will kill them. After this cry, it verifies the power of Eren, can control to the titans, since all that were in the neighborhood began to attack Reiner.

It is at this time that the power is called “Coordinate”, and that this is the reason why they wanted to kidnap it.
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Ymir decides to help Reiner and Berthold and is returned to protect them from the titans, then it is shown that the trains manage to escape with life of the place. On the other hand, Eren and the rest also manage to escape of place and return to the city.

As season finale, the series raises a series of hooks on what is coming. On the one hand, Ymir says he will leave with Reiner so they can return home. At the same time, Levi, Pixis and Erwin learn of the theory that the titans they have been facing are human, so they begin to question their actions, and finally as the last scene on the wall shows the titan beast with a Person standing on his shoulders, leaving doubt about his identity.
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