The alleged perpetrator of the attack shouted: “I’m going to kill all Muslims”


The British Muslim Council describes what happened as a “violent demonstration” of Islamophobia

The alleged perpetrator of the attack shouted: "I'm going to kill all Muslims"

Crowd retained driver of multiple outrage in London (Twitter)

I’m going to kill all Muslims.” That was the cry that would have launched the alleged perpetrator of the multiple outrage in front of a mosque in London, where one person has died and eight have been hospitalized. The man was quickly detained by pedestrians, then detained by police and taken to a hospital as a precaution. As soon as he is discharged, he will be taken to the police station for questioning.

The Metropolitan Police (MET) has not at the moment facilitated the identity or nationality of the main suspect of the alleged Islamophobic outrage. At the moment it is known that he is a man of about 48 years who was arrested by the agents after the own multitude it retained it after the attack. The MET has reported in a statement that the detainee will be tested on his state of mind.

The police will put the detainee on probation to know their mental state

Saleh Alamoudi, one of the faithful who was in Finsbury Park, told BuzzFeed what happened when the vehicle veered to trample pedestrians. “That big van came and went against us. At least eight or ten people were injured. Luckily I managed to escape. The man (after the attack) left the van to try to flee, “said the eyewitness.

The driver of the van did not achieve his goal of running away because the crowd themselves took it up until, about 20 minutes later, the police arrived. It was at that moment when several videotapes recorded the man who sowed panic in front of one of the most important mosques in the United Kingdom.

The same witness, Saleh Alamoudi, was the one who unveiled the shouts that the detainee gave when they were being held. “I was screaming ‘I’m going to kill all the Muslims, I’m going to kill all the Muslims’. He threw blows everywhere until we managed to throw him to the ground. Then he would say ‘kill me, kill me’, “he explained to BuzzFeed.

The other witnesses who were in the area agree on the idea that it was not an accident, but something deliberate. In fact, some of those who spoke to the local media said that in the van there were three people, but that two fled and could only retain the driver. Information that the police have not confirmed, but that could imply that it was a planned act.

The Muslim community believes that it is a violent manifestation of Islamophobia

The British Muslim Council (MCB) has described the incident as a “violent manifestation of Islamophobia”. The group’s secretary general, Harun Khan, has explained to the media that Muslims have had to endure in recent weeks and months many incidents of Islamophobia. All as a result of the latest jihadist attacks.

“Muslim communities have called for more measures to curb the rise in hate crimes for years and more steps must be taken now to address not only this incident, but the important and worrying increase in Islamophobia,” said the secretary-general of the MCB.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has posted in his Facebook account a post explaining that the attack was deliberate and selective against “innocent Londoners, many of whom were finishing prayers during the holy month of Ramadan.” “While this seems to be an attack on a particular community, just like the terrible attacks on Manchester, Westminster and the London Bridge is also an assault on all our shared values of tolerance, freedom and respect,” says in the publication .

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Theresa May said today that the police treat the incident as a possible “terrorist attack”. According to the official residence of Downing Street, the head of the Government will preside today a meeting of the Emergency Committee, composed of the main ministers and representatives of the forces of the order, to approach the attack.

The alleged perpetrator of the attack shouted: "I'm going to kill all Muslims"

Muslims pray in Finsbury Park after multiple abuses (Daniel Leal-olivas / AFP)

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