At least one dead by a multiple abuses in front of a mosque in London

At least one dead by a multiple abuse in front of a mosque in London

A police officer speaks to residents of Finsbury Park (Victoria Jones / AP)

A van wrecked a group of Muslims who had just finished their prayers at a mosque on Seven Sisters Boulevard near Finsbury Park in north London. Police have confirmed one death and the number of hospitalized injured has risen to eight, two of whom are in critical condition. British Prime Minister Theresa May has called the incident “terrible” and has said it will be treated as “a potential terrorist attack.”

The Metropolitan Police of London (Met) affirmed that the attack is a terrorist attack according to the methodology used. In an appearance before the media, Deputy Commander Neil Basu of Scotland Yard revealed that, for the time being, it was believed that it was a single individual who rolled up a van to worshipers who had just finished their prayers in the mosque.

The van has rolled over a group of worshipers leaving the Finsbury Park Mosque

MET sources report on their website that there is a detainee, about 48 years old, and that emergency services work with the victims at the scene, whose accesses have been cut off from traffic. The alleged perpetrator of the attack, whose identity and nationality was not provided, was recorded by different video-amateurs when the police were arresting him. According to some witnesses, the detainee would have shouted “I’m going to kill all Muslims.”

Scotland Yard has yet to confirm that the death is linked directly to what happened. Apparently, the mortal victim was already receiving first aid medical attention when the aggressor began to wrap up with a van to the pedestrians.

Saleh Alamoudi, one of the faithful who were in Finsbury Park, told BuzzFeed what happened when the vehicle veered to trample pedestrians. “That big van came and went against us. At least eight or ten people were injured. Luckily I managed to escape. The man (after the attack) left the van to try to flee, “said the eyewitness.

“I was screaming ‘I’m going to kill all the Muslims, I’m going to kill all the Muslims’. He threw blows everywhere until we managed to throw him to the ground. Then he would say, ‘Kill me, kill me,’ “explained Alamoudi.

The driver of the van did not achieve his goal of running away because the crowd themselves took it up until, about 20 minutes later, the police arrived. It was at that moment when several videotapes recorded the man who sowed panic in front of one of the most important mosques in the United Kingdom.

At least one dead by a multiple abuse in front of a mosque in London

Muslims pray on a sidewalk in the Finsbury Park area, north of London, after the multiple outrage (Daniel Leal-olivas / AFP)

This individual has been transferred to a hospital as a precautionary measure and, once discharged, will be taken to a police station to be questioned and tested on his state of mind, according to the statement from the Met.

“From the window, I started to hear a lot of shouting and a lot of chaos in the outside … Everyone shouted: ‘a van has hit people!’,” A neighbor living in front of the mosque.

May has confirmed that the author of the attack “acted alone”, according to the first investigations of the police. In a statement outside her office in Downing Street, the conservative leader said that this latest attack “is a reminder that terrorism, extremism and hatred take many forms” while at the same time impacting on the “determination” of the Government in ” Eradicate them, no matter who is responsible. ”

According to the prime minister, this attack on the Muslim community “is as insidious and destructive to our values and our way of life” as the recent terrorist acts in Manchester and London, apparently motivated by Islamic extremists.

“This attack on Muslims near their place of worship and all acts of terrorism in any form share the same fundamental objective: to divide and break the bonds of solidarity we share in this country,” said May. “We will not allow this to happen.”

Labor opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn on Tuesday voiced his “shock” over the attack and said he sympathizes with the affected community. “I have been in contact with mosques, the police and the city council of Islington (north of London) in relation to this incident. My thoughts are with the community and those affected by this horrible incident, “added the opposition politician, Islington deputy, the constituency to which belongs the neighborhood of Finsbury Park.

For its part, London Mayor Sadiq Khan called the attack on the “shared values of tolerance, freedom and respect” the incident last night. In a statement, the mayor asked the Londoners to remain calm and remain vigilant while this incident was clarified, which police are treating as a possible terrorist attack, the fourth in the UK in three months.

“While this seems to be an attack on a particular community, such as the terrible attacks by Manchester, Westminster and the London Bridge, this is also an attack on all our shared values of tolerance, freedom and respect.”

The MCB described today as “violent demonstration” of Islamophobia the incident last night near the mosque. MCB Secretary-General Harun Khan told local media that the Muslim community has had to endure in recent weeks and months many demonstrations of Islamophobia.

Khan asked the British authorities for an urgent reinforcement of security in the mosques in the United Kingdom as the holy month of Ramadan is about to be concluded and the traditional Muslim celebration of “Eid”, the end of the fast, will begin.

“Muslim communities have called for more measures to tackle the increase in hate crimes for years and more steps must be taken now to address not only this incident, but also the important and worrying increase in Islamophobia,” said the secretary-general of the MCB . “Many will feel angry and saddened by what has happened tonight,” he added.

In recent months the British capital has been the scene of several similar attacks involving vehicles involved. Last March 22 a man took his vehicle to the sidewalk of Westminster Bridge leaving five victims in their wake. Most recently, on 3 June, three attackers rolled up a dozen or so pedestrians on the London Bridge. Seven people died, and dozens more were injured.

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