G20 Meetings Begin to Wait for Trump-Putin Meeting


Both leaders have already welcomed the welcome to the world leaders

G20 Meetings Begin to Wait for Trump-Putin Meeting

Trump and Putin shake hands at the summit of the G-20 (Bundesregierung)

The summit between the main industrial and emerging countries that form the G-20, which takes place between Friday and Saturday in Hamburg (Germany), has already left the first image of the day: the expected handshake between the President of the States United States, Donald Trump, and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

The meeting took place at a welcome reception to world leaders and was attended by the President of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, as a witness of the greetings between the two. In the video, broadcast on Facebook by the account of the Federal Government of Germany, Bundesregierung, both smiling leaders are appreciated and how even Trump puts his hand on Putin’s back at a time of the meeting.

G20 Meetings Begin to Wait for Trump-Putin Meeting

Trump touches Putin’s back during his meeting at the G20 summit (Bundesregierung)

Earlier in the morning, the United States president wrote a tweet stating that he was looking forward to all of his meetings today, “including my meeting with Vladimir Putin. Much to discuss. ” Shortly after the president was received by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, host of the summit.

However, it will not be until early this afternoon when Trump and Putin meet alone. The meeting will be the first between the two presidents, in full controversy over Russian interference in the US presidential election. However, the issue is not expected to be addressed and the conversation will flow into the need for increased cooperation between the two countries on issues such as the Syrian war, the Ukrainian crisis and the fight against terrorism.

The tuning between both leaders has generated many expectations for their first meeting. So much so that the Russian embassy itself in the UK launched a Twitter poll on “What is expected of the meeting between Trump and Putin?”. The majority response has been “progress” for 62% of voters, which shows “high expectations for today”.


Among the main topics to be discussed today is the fight against terrorism, one of the most controversial issues in an agenda that also includes world trade and climate, with King Salman of Saudi Arabia among the most outstanding casualties, which will be represented by The Minister of State Ibrahim al-Assaf.

Once the meetings between G20 leaders have begun, Chinese President Xi Jinping has been one of the first to criticize the White House’s new stance on its international role. He has lamented that the “big” nations, without giving names, reverse globalization and return to protectionism. In the face of this, it has made clear that China is willing to occupy the power vacuum and take the lead.

Xi Jinping criticizes “big” nations to reverse globalization and return to protectionism

“The main developed countries have significantly regressed in positions on trade, climate change and other issues,” Xi said at a meeting with the BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India and China – as he vowed to “speak with one voice to direct The world economy in the right direction “.

Pope Francis also sent a letter to the leaders gathered in Hamburg to urge them to consider the poor and refugees as a “priority” in their meeting. Ask the leaders to keep them “in their hearts and minds and in every political decision-making.” The Catholic leader calls for the G-20’s goal to “resolve economic differences peacefully,” as well as “reject armed conflicts”, with the urgency of ending the “useless massacres”.

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