Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 English Subbed Online


Dragon Ball Super episode 104 titled “A Faster-Than-Light Battle Begins! Goku Hits Joint Front,”

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 English Subbed Online


Apparently episode 104 of #Dragon Ball Super could be the best of the Power Tournament to date. We saw some very interesting scenes in the preview, then we will analyze them. The title of this episode is already confirmed: “A transcendent battle at high speed takes place! They are #Goku and Hit join in battle!”.

The synopsis that shows us the magazine NewType tells us the following: Dyspo of the universe 11 fight against Hit of the universe 6. Dyspo blocks the movements of Hit with bullets of light, and hits him from the side. Upon seeing this, Goku becomes Super Saiyan God and easily stops a Dyspo coup.

Analysis of the Dragon Ball Super episode 104

To begin with, in the first scene we have Hit, he does not seem to be in a very comfortable position. Apparently Dyspo came up with a method to counteract the jump in time, so Hit might be in trouble.

Then we have Goku blocking Dyspo’s attack almost effortlessly. Dyspo could have super speed, but we do not think he can own both power and speed at the same time.

The question here is: Why did Goku choose the form of God and not the Blue? The disadvantage of the God form , of course is its instability, which means that Goku can not stay in this form for a long period of time. While the Blue is stable, but it consumes a lot of energy.

As for the official statements, Goku himself said, the Super Saiyan Blue is the power of God’s form mixed with the Super Saiyan form. What in a simple sense means that the Blue is only a part of the God, although the Blue owns a greater power.

Goku is using this transformation to face Dyspo, a fighter with super speed, which could mean that the form God can be a transformation with less force, but faster.

In the scene one clearly appreciates to Goku to stop the attack of Dyspo, that apparently had done much damage to Hit. Apparently, Hit would be saving one of his teammates while fighting with Dyspo, which would really explain the fact that Hit, the legendary killer, was cornered by Dyspo.

Kunsi, the other fighter of the universe 11, joins the fight, and seems to have a wired-type weapon. Goku in his God form can easily defeat Dyspo and Hit, must be able to overthrow Kunsi; There is no way that these two fighters of the universe 11 will present battle to the team formed by Goku and Hit.

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