Watch English Subbed Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 Online


Gokú and Hit will be the protagonists of Dragon Ball Super episode 104 titled “A Faster-Than-Light Battle Begins! Goku Hits Joint Front,”

Watch English Subbed Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 Online


The new episode of ‘Dragon Ball Super’ will premiere this weekend by the Fuji Tv signal. The chapter that will premiere with the name of: “« A battle at high speed explodes! The united front of Goku and Hit !! »
«Chōzetsu kōsoku batoru boppatsu! Gokū to hitto no kyōdō sensen !! “(超絶 光速 バ ト ル 勃 発! 悟空 と ヒ ト ト の 共同 戦 線 !!)”.

The advances indicate that Goku and Hit will join forces to finish with the Universe 11. Will the great warriors finish with them? The new advance of ‘Dragon Ball Super’ shows that Goku has to transform into god mode to be able to face the enemies of turn.

“Hit and I have to team up!”, You hear Goku say in the new preview of ‘Dragon Ball Super’. Gokú and Hit will make public his sympathy after the last confrontation that they had against the Universe of Champa.

Episode 103 of Dragon Ball Super:

Android 17 continues to fight with Ribrianne; Rozie in turn, corners and attacks Goku with a shower of bursts, but receives support of N ° 17 with its field of force. Goku picks up the rhythm of Rozie, and knocks her down using his own blasts against him.

Ribrianne arrives to support her, but when they are both disadvantaged before the 7th Universe, Jimizu goes to their aid and takes them with their teleportation. Goku and No. 17 do not give importance and look for other adversaries. Meanwhile, Gohan and Piccolo run into Botamo (6); Gohan offers to fight first, and no matter how many blows he throws, Botamo adsorbs them without problems, but everything is a plan of Gohan, since when receiving blows without stopping, Botamo rises, and can not reach the ground nor move, nor Even being able to hit Gohan with a counterattack. The adventures are always present in Dragon Ball Super.

Botamo leaves the platform and is eliminated. Gohan and Piccolo then encounter Obuni and Rubalt, from Universe 10, and are challenged to a fight. On the other hand, Jilcol (10), is eliminated by Jimizu, leaving only 2 fighters in the 10 Universe, worrying Kaioshin Gowasu and the God of Rumsshi Destruction. Piccolo manages to eliminate Rubalt without problems, leaving Obuni, who deceives Gohan creating feints with his Ki to distract him.

Gohan, son of the protagonist of Dragon Ball Super, uses its Definitive State so as to receive the blows directly and to be able to locate to Obuni, counterattacking it. Obuni thanks Gohan for the exciting fight, but he gets tired and can not make more mistakes, being pulled off the platform by Gohan’s Kame Hame Ha. The Universe 10 is eliminated, and therefore erased, leaving a sad Cus. Gohan notes that Obuni drops a reliquary with a picture of his wife and son, showing signs of regret. 37 minutes to complete the tournament.

As it is remembered, ‘Dragon Ball Super’ already was released by the signal of CN. Akira Toriyama, creator of ‘Dragon Ball’, also announced that the anime will have a little more than 150 episodes. It only remains to wait for the new adventures that will bring Akira for all the fans of Gokú.

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