Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 English Subbed Stream


Dragon Ball Super episode 104 english subbed titled ”A Faster-Than-Light Battle Begins! Goku Hits Joint Front,” has been released.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 English Subbed Stream


Champa, god of the destruction of Universe 6, was shocked to see how Hit, his fighter star, was close to being eliminated in “Dragon Ball Super”.

When everything seemed lost to Hit, who had trouble defeating the swift Dyspo, Goku of Universe 7 appears to offer his help. Both get to prevail before the rival.

Goku used two modes of combat: to equal the speed of Dyspo he used the transformation in super saiya god; While the super saiya blue mode was to have more combat power.

In episode 105 of “Dragon Ball Super” we will see Muten Roshi, master of Goku and Krilin, who would use the Mafuba against their enemies.


Unexpected alliances will take place this weekend in “Dragon Ball Super” as the Power Tournament advances, as Goku will have to face a powerful rival of the Pride Troops.

“Another Universe 11 warrior joins Dyspo, the super speed fighter, to fight against Hit!” Goku says in the advance of “Dragon Ball Super” 104.

Although he will fight side by side with Gokú, Hit is an antagonist. His first appearance was in the saga of Universe 6, where he defeated Goku (Saiya surrendered to the knowledge that his rival would not fight with all his might).

Dyspo, the next enemy, is part of the Troops of Pride; Squadron of the Universe 11 that already lost 6 of his 10 members so far of the tournament.

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