Dragon Ball Super Episode 105


Today a new episode of the anime is released. Fans look forward to Master Roshi’s fight against the Universe 4 Will he win?

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A few hours before the 105th Dragon Ball Super premiere in Japan, several fans are waiting for the release of the images, especially for who will be the protagonist of the episode. On this occasion, Master Roshi will have to be part of a tough battle.

Under the title: “A tough fight! Master Roshi is blazing! “In this new episode the tortoise shell bearer will seek to confront the strong representatives of the Universe 4. Despite his best effort, according to the images of the advance, things will be complicated for him. The fighter will have to use powerful techniques that will put his life at risk.

According to the official synopsis of the anime, Gokú and Hit will join forces in this delivery. Kame Sennin (Roshi) will face and analyze the fighters. This time it is opposed by Caway of the Universe 4. It announces the revelation of a new technique on the part of the fighter.

Caway will not be the only newcomer in the tournament, but also her teammates who will be led by the God of Destruction, Quitela. Damom, an individual of short stature, but in a circular way, will join the battle. Ganos will also appear.

Several fans of the anime indicate that the technique that would use the Mestro Roshi would be the “Mafuba” that he learned from his teacher Mutaito.

Take note

1. Dragon Ball Super is issued in Japan every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. M. (9:00 p.m. on Saturday Peruvian time).
2.- You can watch Dragon Ball Super episode 105 with english subtitles in hd quality here.


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