Dragon Ball Super Episode 106 English Subbed


Dragon Ball Super thrills its millions of fans with the release of a new chapter every week. In Dragon Ball Super episode 106, Goku and his friends will have to face a sniper of the ‘Universe 2’.

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 106 English Subbed Online


Today is the episode 106 of the Dragon Ball Super anime. In this new chapter, Goku and his friends will have to face an invisible enemy of the ‘Universe 2’, they will have to give all their power to avoid being eliminated from the tournament.

Everything indicates that a sniper will hide in the place less thought and will begin to hunt all the ‘Universe 7’, who are most hated to have started this tournament that has so far caused the destruction of two universes.

In the advance you can see Goku and Vegeta entering in despair and destroying everything in their path. You can also see Ten Shin Han running for his life and not ending up eliminated from the tournament.

On the other hand, in the plot it is only 30 minutes to finish the ‘Tournament of Power’. Only a universe can be the survivor and those who are outlined to fight in the end are Goku and Jiren, who will define this new storyline.

Recall that a few weeks ago came a few promotional posters where you can see the new transformation of Goku. Many fans look forward to October, as this would be the month in which ‘we can see the popular Saiyan with their new powers.

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