Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 English Subbed Online


Dragon Ball Super episode 107 english subbed titled “Revenge ‘F’! The Cunning Trap?!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 English Subbed Online

“Dragon Ball Super” 107 confronts the former champion of the 21st Martial Arts Tournament and the former Emperor of the Universe 6. (Photo: Toei Animation)

Fans of “Dragon Ball Super” will have to wait a little longer to see the next bouts of the Power Tournament, because the episode 107, where Muten Roshi faces Frost, will not arrive this weekend.

“Dragon Ball Super” 107 will not reach Crunchyroll, portal that transmits the series for Latin America, nor to Fuji TV; Japanese channel This is due to a traditional event that will occupy the anime time slot.

It is the “FNS History of Japan in 27 hours”, an uninterrupted transmission for more than one day that will be directed by actor Takeshi Kitano (“Battle Royale”, “Ghost in the Shell”) and that, as its name says , will review the history of the Asian country.

The “FNS-27” will include the issuance of popular anime segments, which will serve to graph historical passages. Characters from series such as “One Piece”, “Dragon Ball Super”, “Kochikame” and “Chibi Maruko-chan” will participate.

Episode 107 of “Dragon Ball Super” will be broadcast only on Saturday, September 16, while 108 will arrive the following week. After that the fans will have to wait two weeks to see something new of the anime.

Thus, on Saturday, October 7 will be broadcast a double length episode where Goku, the protagonist, will reach a new transformation in the Tournament of Power.

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 English Subbed Online

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