Watch Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 22 English Subbed Online


Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 22 English Subbed titled “Yaoyorozu: Rising.”

Watch Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 22 English Subbed Online


Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 22 will see the battle between Teachers and Students and episode will today.

In Boku no Hero Academia 2 × 21, there is a transition chapter that does rather little. It serves to remind you of some things that make you special and to force relationships between your characters.

The principle of Boku no Hero Academia 2 × 21 is unfortunate. It is out of context, has nothing to do with the plot, is absurd and banal. Mineta appears within a few seconds and says “What a good episode!”. Bad signal. The last time we heard something similar we came across a negligible fill.

Bad start

It is true that this week’s chapter is one of transition. It is a gateway to the final arc of this second season. Although it seems a bit scary that we had to wait a week to see a chapter whose half is perfectly expendable.

In fact, his biggest mistake is precisely there. The first 10 minutes of the episode focus on an insubstantial theoretical examination. It seems aimed at dressing normally a world in which the adolescents are trained to handle their superpowers. And, of course, it looks a little bad. After several explanations and minutes seeing the importance of this test, the test takes place. But it finishes in a timelapse of 20 seconds in which hardly the results are exposed nor it is left to glimpse if the work of the heroes has been worth something.

It makes sense in the background; the important thing is the practical exam and you want to give the attention you need. After all, this is a shōnen, yes. But it does not stop bothering that half an episode is evaporated into irrelevant things. In the end the first few measures of the chapter are useful for a few things. They help to outline the personalities of several secondary characters and their relationships with each other (Yaoyorozu and Bakugo mainly).

Bakugo as an example

From the first, for example, it is shown again that he is the most intelligent person in the class. The girl applied, the kind and do not hesitate to help anyone who needs it. And, in addition, it belongs to a family of upper class that gets to make others feel bad. Bakugo, for his part, continues with his growing hatred for everything he breathes. And towards Deku in particular. Maybe copying the moves has something to do with it.

In Bakugo, precisely, lies the most interesting of the episode, leaving aside the practical test. I have always thought that Boku no Hero Academy has value as shōnen because of its ability to clothe itself with topics and manipulate them to generate something new. Today Bakugo plays that sensation; although it has the personality of Goku or Naruto (the protagonists that look for to be stronger that its rivals) is a secondary loaded of hate (similar to what happens with Sasuke). It is a mixture between several topicazos of personages that gives rise to a completely new one. It is not necessary to be very clever to see that, to this day, Bakugo is the most competent of all heroes. Perhaps at odds with Todoroki (who is another character with various nuances collected from other anime).

Introduction to practice

But, in addition to Bakugo’s bout of hatred and fostering relationships, this episode does little more than that. It simply introduces what will happen in the last few episodes. It also forces Bakugo and Deku to understand each other and work as a team to defeat All Might in the future. And although this transition has been somewhat bland, it seems that there will be great curves from now on.

Fighting between students and teachers promises to be exciting. We will also be able to see how the boys have evolved beyond Midoriya; there is a lot of desire to see the progress of Uraraka, for example. And the fights of Todoroki and Yaoyorozu and of Bakugo and Deku against Eraserhead and All Might respectively look very good.

But I still think Mineta’s initial foolishness is still out of place.

Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 episode 22 stream has ended.

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