Watch English Subbed Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Online

Watch English Subbed Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Online


Dragon Ball Super episode 108 english subbed onlineĀ is set to produce The climax of the Power Tournament of “#Dragon Ball Super“. However, there are still many warriors from other participating universes who are in the arena. Fans said farewell to Master Roshi, after he almost killed himself fighting Frost and saving Vegeta. In the last spoilers, it seems that there are two fighters of the Universe 6 that will be eliminated in the Tournament of Power. It is reportedly Kabe and Frost.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Latest Spoilers

A new preview for the upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Super” was recently released. Episode 108 will give birth to the young Saiyajin Gohan.

Fans are in ecstasy that the brave fighter will now get another exposure, after several brief fights in the previous episodes. This time the Saiyan will face two favorite villains of fans Frost and Freeza.

In the previous programming of the anime series, it was revealed that Universe 6 and 7 will have the same number of fighters when the special episode composed of 109 and 110. With Muten Roshi and Ten-Shin-have been eliminated, Universe 6 has two more fighters in the Tournament, who are about to be eliminated to be on par with the Universe 7.

Two fighters eliminated

In the preview, there is a scene that shows Kabe falling after being hit by Toppo. While many candidates could be eliminated from Universe 6, most fans speculate that one of them is Kabe.

Throughout the Power Tournament, there were only a few cases in which fans saw Caulifla’s mentor participate in the battle.

One was just the confrontation with Vegeta and the other would be in the next episode. Fans will be a bit disappointed, if speculation about being eliminated in this episode turns out to be accurate. As Super Saiyajin and the mentor of Caulifla and Kale are expected more of the fighter.

Apart from Kabe, another 6 Universe fighter that fans think will be eliminated is the cheat Frost. Some fans predict that Frost will most likely betray Freeza in his fight against Gohan that will infuriate the villain and transform him into his golden form. He will then send Frost out of the arena.

It is also possible that Freeza betrayed Frost and eliminated him from the Tournament easily with the help of Gohan. There are also others who claim that Gohan will take care of Frost and will take him out of the Tournament of Power. At this point, it is difficult to say who leaves and who stays ?.

The battle between the three powerful combatants is expected to be brief, since it precedes the special episodes. Episode 108 of “Dragon Ball Super” will air on September 24. #dragon ball super episode 108 #Kabe is eliminated

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