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Dragon Ball Super episode 109 English Subbed Online will give us the climax of the tournament of power, a fight between Goku vs Jiren.

By analyzing the progress of the dragon ball super episode 109 we are able to see many details that could not be green in a single pass. This episode will be a special one hour long and promises to be a delight for the most staunch fans of the series as the expected confrontation between Son Goku and Jiren is coming.

Dragon Ball Super episode 109 Analysis

At the beginning of the video you can see a fight between Goku (already making use of the transformation Super saiyajin blue) against Jiren, although the protagonist will have to somehow get rid of “Brianne de Chateau”, the fights of universe 2 and with the which Son Goku was struggling through in episode 108 already past.

We will not know how the protagonist of the series can get rid of this annoying and persistent fighter; what if it is more clear is that after this battle we come the expected Goku vs Jiren.

Next, we are shown a Genkidama launched by Goku and in front of it, we can observe an indifferent Jiren, with the arms crossed waiting for it to be struck to him the powerful attack launched by Goku. Well, from this point on things are more interesting because this apparent “tranquility” of which the leader of the troops of the pride of the universe [11] shows, it is nothing else the telepathic communication that the warrior has with Vermouth (god of the destruction of its same universe).

This use (illegally illegally) could favor Jiren to face the fight against the protagonist of the series and put the fight in his favor.

Limit breaker and Hit returning favors


So far we have seen what the video of the advance shows us literally, although we also know that the saiyajin will reach a new transformation called by the fans of the series as “limit breaker” (limit breaker) and confirmed by Toei Animation as official transformation a few months ago.

It is rumored that this transformation would be insufficient to defeat the leader of the warriors of the universe 11 so our beloved protagonist would need an “extra help” that would be none other than that of Hit of the universe 6.


Do not forget that Hit has multiple unique skills apart from the basics of any franchise warrior such as flying, launching ki waves etc.

Hit’s known special powers to date are as follows:

  • Control the time
  • Invisible and distant beating capable of crossing inert matter and damaging only living beings
  • Power to move to another dimension leaving a silhouette in the real world
  • These abilities we could observe them in the last battle that Hit had against Dypso (another member of the troops of the pride).

Will they be Goku limit breaker and Hit capable of beating the almighty Jiren?

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