Dragon Ball Super Episode 110 English Subbed Online

Dragon Ball Super Episode 110 English Subbed Online


Dragon Ball Super Episode 110 English Subbed Online is a few hours away and fans are hyped to see Goku vs Jiren. A live stream will be provided here.

On September 30, the special episodes of One Piece premiered and at the end of that series, a new preview of the special chapter of #Dragon Ball Super was shown.

Remembering a little, at the end of episode 108, the advance shows us how Goku is facing against Ribrianne, the magic warrior of the universe 2. Vermouth orders Jiren to start fighting and eliminate all remaining participants in the platform, Jiren releases much of its power and as main objective faces against Goku.

The main character is transformed into Super Sayajin blue god and would not manage to defeat Jiren, then Goku would use his famous technique called the KaioKen, but neither would obtain the advantage, then the protagonist, finally decides to do the Genkidama and surely when finished the first special that would be the chapter 109, would end when Goku realizes its most powerful technique.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 110

According to the new advance, it can be observed that Gohan’s father will launch the Genkidama in its base state, ie without being transformed, but Jiren will be able to stop the technique of his opponent and finally Kakarotto would use his increased Kaoiken by 20.

According to what is observed in the new advance, we can conclude that the episode 110 will end when Kakarotto, finally obtains a new transformation and we would be with the suspense to know the new power of our preferred character, surely we will see the new power of Goku in chapter 111. It is not yet known how Kakarotto will get his new transformation.

Two possible reasons that would lead to the new phase of the protagonist
1) Goku will be transformed because some of his teammates would end up sacrificing or Jiren will defeat the vast majority of the participants in the universe 7.

2) Kakarotto will remember all his loved ones and think that if he loses the fight, the 7th universe will be destroyed.

Dragon ball super episode 110 english subbed live stream will be provided here.

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